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More than five hundred years after the birth of the genius Leonardo da Vinci, the creativity of Italy-based workers still represents the spirit of the Made in Italy brand, thanks to a subject-matter expertise that follows the laws of science deciphered from nature’s secrets.

It was in the unique laboratory during the Italian Renaissance period that the harmony and sustainability between human beings and science, nature and industry blended into an orginal and artistic equilibrium. This encounter gave life to the Made in Italy brand that embodies a great, collective and identity-driven process of devising and creating high-quality goods. They are not just simple products, since they go beyond their main functionalities, thus incorporating the concept of beauty and art.

The Made in Italy Framework Law was created with the aim of protecting this heritage and providing for several interventions to enhance and promote it, including the fund establishment, the activation of new training opportunities and the creation of a special National Day that will be celebrated on April 15 every year.


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